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Business Offer

What your business is and offers will inform the end to end strategy. While certain elements will always be present, it is what we could do inbetween to support and what the end goal is that will affect campaign set up, settings and optimisation options.

Any peripherals

If your business offers a certain set of landing pages or conversion actions for your audience to potentially interact with, this may come into play. Should your business set up allow, we can use some of these interactions as check-in points to inform future activity.


This is not the be all and end all by any means, but the size of your promotion budget will affect how many support channels, techniques and ad types we can utilise. It will also affect how much exposure we can offer.

Demographics & Habits

We need to assess your audience and their online habits, (what they search for, the intent behind their searches, related keywords, associated websites, what time of day and day of the week they are most active, seasonal trends etc.). In this way every single campaign really is unique.

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