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These days it seems a campaign’s success is measured on its metrics. However likes and shares aside, viral marketing can benefit your brand in a number of ways.

  1. Lower Advertising Costs

Your campaign will need an initial injection of cash just to get started, in regards to production and some minor paid promotion.

However, as it begins to get picked up by your audience they will do the sharing for you and you can pull back on your advertising expenses. Your future campaigns are more likely to reach a larger audience thanks to the brand awareness established during your viral campaign. 

  1. Fast Growth

It’s very rare for a business success to happen overnight, or even quickly for that matter. Cases that appear to be very quick successes are generally the result of years and years of hard slog.

Viral Marketing however is one of the very, very few tactics that could potentially create an explosion of attention in very little time. This is extremely desirable for business owners but very hard to achieve.

This being said, even if you can get steady, consistent growth at a relatively low cost, you’re already ahead of the game.

  1. Mainstream Media Exposure

No one can deny the huge power of mainstream media, even if we do live in the viral age.

So why not try to work together? When viral marketing is done correctly it gives mainstream media companies a reason to cover your brand without petitioning for it. If this happens, it just adds to the viral power of your campaign.

If your content is shareable enough, just imagine what a feature from one of the major news channels or media outlets could give you.

  1. Increased Credibility

Recognition creates trust and acceptance.

This is true throughout all forms of market – so when your brand goes viral, this captures the imaginations of a whole new audience. These individuals are then much more likely to be willing to try your product.

  1. Rapid Lead Generation

When it comes to viral marketing, or any type of marketing for that matter, sales are ultimately what we aim for.

However, there is no escaping the fact that going viral has a fantastic impact on lead generation. This is because people are very much drawn to trending topics.

So even if people are not ready to purchase from you just yet, they most definitely won’t forget you. This could lead to sales further on down the line.

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