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It’s in our human nature to do more, do better, do good…
But at a point in time when ‘doing good’ is so over-saturated, misused as tick boxing in corporations, or just being hijacked by the woke or ant-woke brigades …those of us in the middle find ourselves …well, not good.

We’re left confused on where we belong and what to do, overwhelmed by the monstrous list of imminent problems to tackle around us and disconnected to the inevitable problems further down the line …we’re left asking ourselves the question, “What part do I play in all this?”

Rather than follow the crowd, there is the opportunity to reflect on our own unique talents and skillsets -how we can all maximise what we do best as an individual or company …but, for the good of others? Rather than run down those muddy pathways already forged, take a step back and look at the bigger picture, remove your attention away from those never-ending paths in the distance and focus on the small blades of grass in the forefront. You’ll soon come to realise its’ those tiny details that are creating the beauty, emotion, colour, individuality …and yet collectively, they make an amazing difference.

Here at The Viral Agency we did just that. We quickly came to realise that we’re not very good at planting trees or baking cakes, shameful in fact, instead we’re system busters for creating sharable content …we put our math hat on, put 2 and 2 together, and had a eureka moment … “LETS SHARE GOOD CONTENT!”

This defining moment led to very early campaigns like The Big Hour and #SeeForYourself where we witnessed the progress first hand -buzzing not only within their communities but exploding across the globe. Seeing those sprinkles reflect into beams of light back at us, inspired a more positive approach within our creative process. This led us to embark on a quest to #RevealTheTruth for Firework, helping Spareroom’s audience #LiveRentFree and just simply making a little difference for The National Trust. We soon came realise, when there is intention, there is always an opportunity to spread good.

So what exactly is good? For us, good is about two things: truth and love. We’ve learnt with these two intentions at the core of our content, it has greater potential to blossom and spread -afterall, the best way to gain a customer is to win over their hearts. However this naturally leads onto the dubious question, is it still good when the intention is to sell? This reverts back to our original point, if the message or experience is for the benefit or joy of others then good will always prevail. Emotions are at the core of why viewers choose to share, so our job generally begins with analysing that audience to understand if their hearts are craving joy, laughter, excitement or compassion.

“So what’s the real purpose of this post?” you may ask yourself …cutting through the millions of blogs and posts out there we hope this reaches the special few, sparking the question inside of you “What can I do best to help others?” -because one tiny spark can create a whole chain reaction of do:gooders. Amongst those do:gooders we hope there are fellow entrepreneurs, renegades, dreamers, system busters who find themselves in the middle with us …because collectively, we can make that amazing difference 😉

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