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WOMM – sound’s funny we know – but WOMM is actually extremely important. Especially if you intend for your brand to survive. So what is it and why would The Viral Agency be talking about it?

Well WOMM stands for Word of Mouth Marketing. From holidays to furniture to apps, there’s one thing that influences purchase decisions more than any other source – Word of Mouth!

We like to talk, and even though 90% of what we say may be irrelevant gibberish, we talk a surprising amount about products (and service). This isn’t limited to the latest iPhone release – we speak about all type of products, services and brands of all shapes and sizes. 

So let’s look at the stats – and even though these stats are from across the pond we aren’t so different from our American cousins… 

In America EVERY SINGLE DAY there are 3.3 Billion brand mentions.

Over 2.4 Billion brand related conversations.

9 out of 10 brand related conversations occur offline

The typical American mentions specific brand names 60 times per week in offline and online conversations.

The good news is, when individuals talk about brands, the majority of the conversations are positive! Hard for us Brits to get our head around as we like to complain, but it just goes to show that overall we want people talking about us.

In fact, 66% of all brand related word of mouth conversations are positive.

Only 8% of all brand related word of mouth conversations are negative.

Plus the average online review is 4.3 stars.

This brings The Viral Agency into the spotlight because Viral Advertising is all about creating content for your brand that makes people talk.

Sharing the content with their friends by tagging them, telling them, in-boxing them! To achieve this you must have engaging viral content- it could be the difference between success and failure.

We have taken the conversation online, but as the stats show, conversation is really what we are aiming for. Consumers are very interested in hearing about what others are saying about a business or product before buying themselves, and 49% of consumers believe online word of mouth to be highly credible.

So let’s get the conversation going! Let’s give them something to talk about. What’s the best way of doing that? An incredible viral campaign 😉

It’s why our clients love us. It’s why you will too.


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