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Congratulations! Your business plan is great, perhaps you’ve won some investment and now you have a decent grip on your desired industry.

Now it’s all about growth. Have you got all the right moves to gain followers? Likes? Shares? – and most importantly will these lead to paying customers? Either way, you NEED to be attention grabbing in order to stand out from the very busy crowd.

While viral advertising can be defined in numerous ways, one simple way is to say that it’s simply ‘word-of-mouse’ meaning that it’s content that quickly spreads itself with the click of a mouse in the same way that a virus spreads with a sneeze. As more people join the system by using social networks, the number of cross-network connections rises quadratically. The pattern of viral communication reflects the pattern with which a contagious virus can move through a set of interacting hosts.

When done properly, there’s a lot of science behind social marketing strategy, from analytics to testing and optimisation. However, that’s not why content goes viral – virality comes about from the emotion a certain photo, video, or article generates. Your message needs to be intriguing and inspire imagination, fun, passion, anger, or some other motivating feeling.

Let’s look at 3 ways entrepreneurs, founders and brands can use viral video to grow their new business and build an empire!

  1. Viral Video Marketing

Seeking out a firm with excellent past campaigns and an obvious flair for production and creativity could help slingshot your brand to a much wider audience.

You need something that’s going to shock, scare, wow, amaze! You need something with the ‘oh my lord’ factor. Like any memorable film or catchy song you need a hook, a story and fantastic visuals.

  1. Create brand recognition

What names come to mind the you think about fast food restaurants? What about smart phones? What name is going to come to mind when people think about your sector?

Quality, targeted videos of your product, and your mission, will put you head and shoulders above the crowd. This is extremely important because your company/product/brand is your baby! You’ve invested countless hours and many sleepless nights.

Now all it takes is that creative push to put it in front of the masses.

  1. Use Your Videos to Introduce Yourself

Putting a name and face to your brand could make a huge difference to the success of your company. People buy from people.

However, you can’t make a personal connection with someone via the internet … oh wait… of course you can!

Why did you start this business in the first place? What ups and downs have you faced in order to get to where you are now – people LOVE a good story so this could be your chance to tell yours.

These are just a few benefits that motivate hundreds of global brands to take viral advertising into consideration when allocating their social marketing strategy and advertising budgets. As a result, viral marketing is becoming one of the most pursued forms of advertising today.

Viral advertising is a powerful theory that attempts to harness the strongest of all consumer triggers – the personal recommendation. In the digital age, it may well be possible to include consumers in digital marketing and let them spread your message to millions around the world.

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